Wednesday 13 April 2016

Keeping and Kindling

K is for Kindle, Keep and a Keyboard

A-Z challenge 2016: Apps in April


You don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books. I include this because what is obvious to some, is not to others. Download the app for iOS or Android to have access to more than a million books. There are plenty of free books too.

From the app, you can shop in the Kindle store, add bookmarks to books being read, change the size or font of the text, search within the text, go to a particular page and sync where you are up to in the book on another device. Tap and hold text to reveal definitions.

Your Kindle account comes with an email address so you can send personal PDFs and documents to be read here.



Google Keep is an app for adding notes, editing, sharing, and collaborating on any device. As well as notes one can add lists, photos, and audio. Organize the notes with labels and colours. Keep incorporates with reminders and I find it excellent for short term things. I use it for shopping lists, to take note of where I have parked in multi-storey parks, I use it to record prices in various outlets. Tap the microphone to record a note and see it rendered as text. I use Evernote for long-term storage and retrieval of information but Keep fills in as an everyday tool.

For my book club where we read paper books Keep is a great tool to snap an image of a memorable page or quote then tap on the menu (three dots) and choose Grab image text. The OCR text is then added at the bottom of the note. Keep for iOS and Android.


SwiftKey Keyboard

This app replaces the built-in keyboard and learns the way you type and the words you use frequently so the text prediction is excellent.
On Android phone, one can choose a variety of coloured themes. Enable the keyboard in Settings – Language and Input.
In iOS head to Settings – General – Keyboards.

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  1. You've nearly convinced me to try keep and I know I am going to love your next post.

  2. My MIL was the one who first told me that I don't need a Kindle to read books. I'll look into the other apps.

    1. MIL's are useful for all sorts of advice :)

  3. Good one post ...
    But I like reading via books

    @dixita011 from
    Cafenined words


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