Saturday 2 April 2016

Books and a box

B is for Box, British Library and Book Creator

A-Z challenge 2016: Apps in April

Box provides 10 GB of free online storage for your files. A powerful feature not always available in various other cloud services, is the ability to search within your PDF, PowerPoint and Word docs.
Sync across your computer and devices and have all your files, photos, documents and videos accessible. Share files with a link.  Free for iOS and Android. Box is an excellent service to add to your collection of apps.
Want to know more? View Box for Android or Box for iPhone or iPad or Box for Windows
These short 1 - 2 min promotional videos provide an overview of the service.


British Library

BL 19thC
This collection of more than 45000 books is divided into 25 separate collections. I have used the History of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific collection and am delighted to have access to the digital images of the pages in a wide range of historical titles. Only the title being viewed is downloaded to your device. Excellent for background reading for all family historians. iOS only.
If you visit London do go along to the British Library to view the wonderful Treasures gallery which exhibits many old precious tomes.


 Book Creator

book creator
Need an easy app to create a quick book? This one is an excellent tool.
Simple enough for children to use but ideal for photo storybooks that family historians may like to make.
Support for text, images, video, music and narration. Simply tap to add content. Completed books can be exported as ePub, PDF or video. Books can then be shared via Dropbox or your favourite cloud service.  Create the first book free or pay a small fee to create unlimited books. Available for iOS, Android and Windows.

This video demonstrates the app on iPad but it is equally easy to use on the other platforms.

Next up - Create and customise with C apps


  1. That book creator looks fab. It's amazing what you can do now isn't it? Giving the workers the means of production and all that...

    1. Now I just need the writing and editing skills!!

  2. I am technically challenged :) A box to me is the large dusty square thing that hoards stuff :) Thanks for the eye opener. I'll definitely 'get with it'. Have a great day.

    1. I have those boxes too! Thanks for dropping in.

  3. The book creator app looks fab! Gotta try that out soon.
    Modern Gypsy

  4. was only aware of British Library. Good to know about Box and Book Creator, thanks for sharing :)

  5. What a great theme! Looking forward to your posts this month. :)

  6. THe British Library looks awesome, will try that out soon.

    Brilliant to get some techie knowhow, I am utterly clueless. The book creator doesn't look so bad either.


  7. I should look into Britsh library app. Thanks for this informative post

  8. Thanks for all the comments, must get on with writing another post, so many apps so little time.

  9. Need to get that book creator. Good to share with the family.



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