Tuesday 5 April 2016

Do your data a favour

D is for Dropbox, Drive and Docs

A-Z challenge 2016: Apps in April

Do you store your data in places other than your mobile devices? Here’s a range of apps to help you get that data online so that when your device or computer fails you will not lose all.


Dropbox is a popular file hosting service, cloud service, that enables your to store your files online. These synchronised files can be accessed through apps on iOS, Android and Windows. A free limit of 2GB can be increased by referring others to the site. It was established in 2007 and continues to add to its services.
Many other mobile apps integrate with Dropbox. Files and folders can be shared with others. Switch on automatic upload of pictures from phones and tablets then free up the space on your mobile device. Deleted files are stored for up to 30 days a convenient service for those mistakes we sometimes make.

I use Dropbox to share photos and files with my siblings and I have the majority of documents from my computer synced there so that I can access them on my mobile devices. Get the apps iOS, Android and download for Windows or Mac.



driveGoogle provides 15GB of storage space - iOS and Android
Drive: Stores your documents and syncs across devices. Any documents created within Google’s free office suite of products; documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides and drawings do not count towards the 15GB. Other format files such as MS Office and PDFs do use storage space.

View and edit your work via this mobile app available for all platforms. Share files with others. Filter search by file type or date modified or simply search for a word or title.within a document. If you use Google photos the Drive search will also locate them by title or recognition e.g. search for dog and any photos of dogs you have will show up even if they do not have dog in the title or metadata.


docsGoogle Docs is part of Google’s suite of office products. Choose from a variety of templates or start with a blank document. The mobile app available for all platforms has sophisticated editing tools. Documents can be shared and/or collaboratively edited.
Docs are a vital part of my document strategy and having access via phone and iPad allows me to edit and update them.


If you are not a Google fan there are alternative apps with similar functions - Docs to Go which uses MS Office formats is available in both free and paid versions for iOS and Android.

Microsoft OneDrive for iOS and Android provides cloud storage with mobile access for your Microsoft Office files.

So do your data a favour, get it online and accessible from your mobile device.

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  1. Phew - D is for Done that.

  2. d is docs i really like to store but not completely comfortable with google docs

  3. Google drive is something I've been meaning to explore to backup my photos. Thanks for the reminder!

    Modern Gypsy

    1. You may like to wait for F and G for photo backup suggestions

  4. Useful post :)

  5. Missed this one yesterday. I used to used Drop Box more in the past. It's good for IFTTT recipes to save Instagram or Facebook pictures of where people tag me. This was I do not miss them, have one saves and can untag if they are ugly. Doc and Drive is great of committee work to keep old minutes so that you do not have to search emails.

    1. Thanks for the IFTTT tip I hadn't thought to use it to send stuff to Drive.

    2. You know how I have my excel Diary. I use IFTTT to send my tweets and FB status posts to Google drive then I paste these into my excel diary every so often.

  6. I use both Dropbox and Google Drive and I find them to be great applications. I don't use Drive as much for storage as for moving files around between different devices. I just finished a project that I collaborated with some other artists on. Dropbox was perfect as we used a shared folder and made comments and edits to the files. Nice posts here and lots of good info. Thanks!


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