Sunday 17 April 2016

Notes on the News

N is for Notegraphy and News

A-Z challenge 2016: Apps in April


Add text to Notegraphy then choose one of more than 40 styles to create an image to share to your social networks or for instant messages. Images are stored in an online gallery which can be public or private and they can be downloaded as .png and saved for local use.

The news image below was created in Notegraphy. I’ve used this app many times for images for blog and Twitter posts. Below I’ve combined a screenshot from a news app and added the text in Notegraphy.

Available for iOS, Android and on the web. View this one-minute introduction. Enjoy creating and sharing.

Here are a few of the styles using the same text. Each style offers 3 variations in colour.



News apps

noteThere are dozens of news apps in the App store and on Google play. Find your local papers and broadcast outlets. I’ve found by customising the Google News app on Android and the inbuilt News app on iOS one can have the major news stories of the day delivered to any device. 

This image shows the local news sources I’ve added to the iOS news app. For more detailed coverage major newspapers operate apps behind a paywall.
Choose from a range of financial news, sports news, technology news, or media conglomerate news apps to keep up to date.

Experiment with personalising the news apps built into your device to add local news and your particular interests.
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  1. Thank you for introducing me to Notegraphy. This is definitely something I can use.

  2. Okay I think I've figured it out. You save it as a PNG then a JPG and away you go! I'm slow but I get there in the end.

    1. I should have said Save rather than Download for local use :)

  3. Wow Carmel how do you find all these interesting apps? I certainly will be loking at Notegraphy

    1. Almost 6 years now since iPad was first released in Australia, so lots of time to play and experiment. Apps gone free and iOS snoops are good sources to follow.


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