Friday 1 April 2016

Apparently apps

A is for Adobe, an abundance of apps

A-Z challenge 2016: Apps in April

Welcome to an April trip through the alphabet via apps.

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1. Adobe Acrobat has for many years been the industry standard for PDFs. One can annotate, highlight, strikethrough, underline, add text, add a note, draw on the pdf, create a signature all within the app. When finished, share the file, open in another app or print. Available free for iOS and Android.

2. Explore Adobe Draw with Tony Vincent’s excellent tutorial here. Learn how he uses photos and converts them to drawings, clipart, and avatars to generate original content. Free for iOS and Android.

3. Photoshop Express – one of the original photo editing apps, improved upon and added to over the years. Choose your photo from a variety of sources then auto enhance, or use a wide variety of filters or adjust all settings manually as available in the finest of desktop editing software suites. Rotating, flipping, sharpening, red-eye and blemish removal, are just a few of the tools available via your fingertips.This is an excellent photo editing app free for iOS and Android.

4. Photoshop fix is a more sophisticated tool incorporating layers and exports directly to Photoshop. if you don’t need native .psd files for Photoshop, there are plenty of other sophisticated photo editing apps.

5. Adobe Post - late to the scene of creating professional looking social graphics and branded across the bottom with #AdobePost not my top choice in the graphic creation apps. Beautiful designs and text variations but the branding spoils the end product for me. Templates for common social platforms with a wide range of font styles, layouts, colour palettes, shapes and filters. iOS only.
The open book seat in the foyer of the British Library
Photo by C Galvin enhanced and text added via Adobe Post
6. Adobe VoiceiOS only, when will Adobe cater for all consumers? Tell a story using icons, photos, and music. This is simple to use and the end product can be embedded or shared via a link. Tell your family stories, choose from a variety of themes, vary the layout and publish. Share on a variety of social platforms.  
View my trip to Greenwich, made with Adobe Voice (2 mins)

7.. Adobe SlateiOS only Makes images and text move together. Here’s a story about my great-grandparents, John and Maria O’Dea made with Slate. Click on the picture to start. The back arrow will return you to this post after viewing the Slate page.

John and Maria O'Dea
My great grandparents story - made with Slate

These are just a few of Adobe’s suite of products, have fun exploring.


  1. Great start! Even if I don't use Apple it's good to know what's out there. Slate looks great.

  2. Ah, this is a great idea for a theme! I'm always on the lookout for another great app. @abetterjulie from

    1. I try so many then tend to stick with a favourite few. Thanks for visiting

  3. Hi Carmel I didn't know about some of these products. I liked your Slate presentation - I thought it worked very well. Regards

  4. Does Adobe have an app that will create some TIME for me?

  5. I don't know what I would do with out Adobe especially as I do photography



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