Monday 18 April 2016

Over and over

O is for Over and OverDrive

A-Z Challenge: Apps in April


overHere’s another graphic design, creative typography and photo editing app to enhance your text or photos. There are standard and custom fonts with some excellent artwork text. Nudge, size, rotate, fade, add shadows, reposition text and choose colours to blend by using the colour picker. Each element of your design has its own layer so can be edited individually.

Use your own photos or the stunning hi-res photos supplied by Unsplash. This is a paid app with various bundles to enhance your output. Share to social networks or save for local use. Available for iOS and Android. Click/tap on the images to view full size. 6 min video demo.

Made with Over using artwork text
Made in Over using text variations
Photo by crgalvin - text added in Over


OverDrive is an app for borrowing library ebooks and audiobooks and is used by many libraries worldwide. Check to see if your library has this. Each library has its own collection which is available 24/7  via the app. Search for books, place reserves, loan and return. Some libraries also loan streaming video through OverDrive.

Check back on Love a Library for other library apps.
Enjoy an eread today. Available for iOS and Android.

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  1. When travelling I've used Overdrive from the local library - quite handy. I can't help it - I still prefer a traditional book.

    1. Kindle wins most of the time for me, especially when travelling. My local library does not have OverDrive but I am able to access it through a nearby Council's libraries.

  2. Sharing this with my daughter, she's into all kinds of software and tech stuff! clue about this!
    @KalaRavi16 from

  3. Over is one of my go-to apps for when I want to put a quote on a picture.

    Modern Gypsy

    1. Yes I can see why. I only discovered it recently but it has so much to offer.


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