Thursday 28 April 2016

Extra, extras

X is for XE currency converter and some eXtras

A-Z Challenge – Apps in April

XE currency converter

Essential for travellers this currency rate converter stores the last known rates so is useful even when internet access is not available.

Put your home currency at the top and then add the currencies of the countries you will be travelling through below. Provides quick and easy conversions.
Available for iOS and Android.



Is your device memory getting full? Try some of these tips.

Delete apps not used in the last year. If you have previously purchased them, they will be kept in the store on your account and can always be restored again if needed. Remember to transfer any documents or files from these apps to your computer before you delete.

Move photos off your device. Use a Wi-Fi transfer app such as Simple Transfer Pro for iOS or Wi-Fi File Transfer for Android to drag and drop from your device to your computer.

Do you have apps that are space hoggers? Some of the Twitter clients and Google+ can store outdated data no longer needed. Simply delete the app then re-install to free up some space.

Next up Y - Yes for your interests


  1. This is a wonderfully useful app when travelling. I used it so much when the husband and I travelled to Thailand some years back. Good choice for X :)
    @freya3377 from Life as Freya -

  2. Love love love Xe currency...that was a happy day indeed when I found that site/app. Hadn't heard of those wifi transfer apps. My photos tend to go up into Dropbox automatically now which is fabulous.

  3. Thanks for Wi-Fi File Transfer for Android. It's installed and working well. So easy when I just want to move a couple of snaps from phone to PC for a blog post.

  4. I need exchange rates most days for work. I just google "65.95nzd in aud" and google gives the answer. Quicker than opening a web page. For more accurate exchange rates the reserve bank info. For travelling, if you are not use to dealing with exchange rates, an app is a great idea.

    1. That's what I do Fran. I'm always checking hotel rates etc - this is easier for me too.


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